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              Good decisions - whether day-to-day or big picture, professional or personal- are influenced by strong
              values. People  are looking for integrity and authenticity. Within the world of financial planning this means
              working with an advisor who embraces and understands the importance of their own heritage and values
              instilled at an early age: honesty, hard work, integrity.

              My team and I encourage dialogue about values and their importance to our clients and their families.
              When everyone starts thinking and working this way, higher standards are all but guaranteed.

              At Continuum II we have always prided ourselves on upholding the highest standards. This is the filter we
              use to define ourselves.

              I could not be prouder of my partners and of Continuum II, the company I founded.

              Lise Andreana, CFP

Continuum II was inspired by Lise Andreana’s passion for solving puzzles and her desire to help people accomplish their life goals.

As early as 1993, while working at London Life as a financial planner, Lise noticed that people had multiple needs that sometimes conflicted: the need to save for retirement as well as education, the need to protect families while also planning to leave a legacy. Very early on Lise was doing much more than selling insurance.

The more questions she asked the more issues she uncovered – which lead to an even greater number of possible solutions. The result was the development of Continuum II’s unique “Integrated Financial Plan”, which allows you to meet financial milestones while taking into account personal values and goals.

At this time, integrated or “holistic” financial planning, which aims to integrate all of a person’s financial needs into an easy-to-understand set of recommendations, was a fresh approach. Shifting the focus from product advice to achieving specific goals helped clients make better saving, investment, and insurance decisions. This helps provide people with confidence that their product decisions meet their needs and budgets.

Industry precedents aside, clients responded favourably. They enjoyed the feeling of ease they got from being informed about their best possible strategies and then making informed decisions regarding their finances - with the benefit of professional guidance. This encouraged Lise to offer “Integrated Financial Planning” to more people, and to share her vision with like-minded advisors.

Continuum II set out to create a team of competent, ethical advisors who shared a passion for integrated planning. It was a mandatory requirement that these advisors be licensed as Certified Financial Planners, meaning they had already met rigorous education, examination, ethics and work experience requirements.

Stuart Small and Lori Latvala joined Continuum II in 2002; Anita Fair and Peter Andreana followed shortly thereafter. Each team member’s unique abilities help solve the financial planning puzzle and bring the value of holistic planning to a variety of clients. (see advisor page)

Today, Continuum II remains at the leading edge of the market. Written financial plans, service agreements that outline the terms of engagement, and strict policies ensuring full disclosure make certain that the client’s best interests always come first. Regularly scheduled reviews, “on call” privileges, and a full range of financial experts means that Continuum II is a responsible, responsive full-service firm that strives daily to surpass expectations.

Continuum II has been practicing holistic integrated financial planning for over a decade and continues to grow with your support and that of your friends and families.


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